5 Step Action Plan for Coping with Anxiety

Step 1. Identify the problem clearly. Instead of saying, Everything could fall apart, you might say, I am worried about losing my health care.

Step 2. Brain storm four different actions you can take.  For example:

  • Educate yourself about policies related to health care.

  • Write letters to public officials stating your concern.

  • Volunteer at or donate to an organization that supports healthcare for all.

  • Move to another country. (Remember, you are brainstorming. Each idea does not have to be realistic.)

Step 3. Evaluate each action. Think of the short and long term consequence of each one. 

Step 4. Pick one or more of the actions, and act.

Step 5. Look at the results. What are the positive and negative consequences of the actions you took? Are there other actions to take? Pat yourself on the back for doing something!

When we take responsible action, it helps reduce feeling overwhelmed and helpless. The monkey mind gets the message that, I am aware of the threat and I am handling it, and our anxiety is reduced. It does not mean that the problem is solved, but that we are constructively involved in doing something about it.

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